Monday, August 22, 2005

Explosion in ZALKA

Explosion in Zalka around 10:30pm in the PROMENADE hotel.

Two injuries reported so far.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Lebanese Drill

It is about 10:40 am and I am heading towards downtown Beirut via the famous Dora highway.

Traffic jams are frequent there but something was wrong today.
On the return side of the highway there were almost no cars while on my side, it was really jammed.
I looked around and I noticed heavy smoke coming from the bridge near Forum De Beyrouth.
Then I started seeing army soldiers and hearing sirens...
A man walking in the middle of the highway told me there was an explosion.
In the beginning, I believed the man since it looked like a war zone.
I then headed towards my office in Forum de Beyrouth and started to ask the people there, and they told me it was actually a drill.

Apparently 90% of people I asked didn't know about it. I guess we should be blamed for not listening to the SAME BORING TV news.

As if the worrying for real explosions wasn't enough in this country, we now have to verify whether it is a drill or not.

I think there are better ways for the army, security services, firefighters and the Red Cross to test their effectiveness and speed in order to prepare for such scenarios.

No need to cause panic among the already scared population...

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