Sunday, September 25, 2005

Away From You

Good morning Lebanon

So this is the longest time I have been away from Lebanon (10 days now), but not from Lebanese people. I met quite a few already, on the plane, the train, and even in the city of Bordeaux.
What is even more interesting is that I knew some of these Lebanese people from back home. It is a small world!

Now as you all probably heard, there was unfortunately a big explosion in Ashrafieh, a smaller one in Hamra and a bomb scare in the Sofil center in Ashrafieh also.
Guess nothing will change anytime soon...

Now as I mentioned in my previous post, I will list the (non political) things I am missing the most:

1-The slow Internet connections:
It is at least 20 times faster here for a quarter of the price.

2-Traffic jams:
While a lot of people here complain about the Tramway and Bus system (it breaks down for 10 minutes sometimes), I think having a similar one in Lebanon would be an achievement. It only costs 16 $/month for unlimited rides.

3-Making Missed Calls:
In France as in most countries, you are billed by the second and not by the minute as is the case in Lebanon. Maybe our smart government will notice soon that CHEAPER calls mean MORE calls.

4-The kitchen, the living room and my bed:
I now live in a 20m2 studio near university. Rent is definitely more expensive here, but living in a hip area of Beirut is too.

I'll be off next week to the beach where the school is organizing an integration seminary (that seems fun), and then I will start blogging again about a Lebanese in Bordeaux (that would be me).

Things I will be talking about are how I met some Lebanese here, the perception of Lebanon by international students, and the difference between cultures...


Friday, September 09, 2005

Goodbye my dear Lebanon

Dear Lebanon

For more then 6 months, I have been posting to this blog, and most of the comments I received were very encouraging. I thank you for that.
Now, it is time for me to move on. It is time for me to become another statistic, another 24 years old youngster leaving his homeland to ensure a better future.
Yes, even I am leaving. After seeing all my friends leave one after the other to work abroad, it is now my turn to say goodbye.

This is probably the last post I write before leaving to France.
Although I got accepted to the MBA program of the most reputable university in the region with a full assistantship (American University of Beirut aka AUB), I decided to head to Bordeaux in France for a Masters in Supply Chain Management.

I will definitely keep on posting on The Lebanese Code and hopefully more frequently.
Now I am sure there are lots of things I will be missing. But before I reveal it in my first post from France, I would like to know what you think there is to miss about our dear LEBANON.

Please post your entries in the comment section.

GOD BLESS LEBANON ( or what is left of it ) !!!

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