Saturday, November 27, 2004

NASCAR Drivers Only

Dear Lebanon

About a year ago, I was fed up with the same daily news we see on TV and in newspapers... "1 received 2" , " 3 said so " , " 4 replied " , " 5 protested " and so on. I had to change my news sources.
I still read the headlines on and The Dailystar online, but my interest shifted lately to what the foreign press is saying about us...

While doing my regular news' search yesterday, I found a tourist's report about Lebanon. YES my friends, Lebanon's tourism sector is growing... However, a great deal of work is needed to improve our image, not only on the security/safety issue, but on all aspects.

In her article dated November 26, Elinor Garely* from New York was talking about visiting Lebanon and describing her experience there. One funny thing she mentioned was the following: "There is much to see and do, and unless you are an expert NASCAR driver, you may not want to get behind the wheel of a car rental."
To those not familiar with NASCAR, it is a high speed car race in the USA where bumping to other cars is allowed.
Come to think of it, she is absolutely right.

A German guy visiting our company once asked me: "Why does the taxi driver stop only on few red lights and not on the others ?"
The truth is... We make our own rules...

Lebanon, you turned us into experienced NASCAR drivers in the eyes of the West...I thank you for that.

Well, have a nice weekend Lebanon, and I'll see you again on Monday.

* You can read Elinor Garely's article by clicking on this link.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put zizo ..
What are they gonna think of next ?! helmets ?!

Anonymous said...

I was away for a couple of Years and I just got back to Beirut, What can I say? You have to be a Le-Mans professional driver to drive in Lebanon. But I am still Crazy about this Country. Smile you are Lebanese!

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