Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Foreign Perspective on Monot

Dear Lebanon

Sorry for not writing lately, but I have been a bit busy and uninspired.
While reading news online, I found an interesting article on Monot street written by Katherine Zoepf of The New York Times. It was published in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune.
While I found this article more or less objective, I believe that the interviewed waiter's comment was inappropriate. He said that most people would spend the whole night on 1 beer.
I am not here to discuss whether this is an actual fact... But I want to make it clear that drinks in Lebanon are not cheap. While a bottle of beer costs around 750LL ( 50 cents) in the supermarket, it is sold between 5000 LL (3.3 $) and 10 000LL (6.5$) in pubs.
That is 10 times more on average...

You can read the entire article on the IHT site.

By the way, the BINGO game is now the latest entertainment wave to hit Lebanon. I will investigate that and get back to you with details.

Until then...


Connor said...


My name is Connor Coyne and I was referred to your blog through Globe of Blogs.

I'm intrigued by your stories of life in Lebanon, and am going to link to you. I have a limited understanding of your country and culture, but am excited to learn more. You relate anecdotes in a way that is poignant, engaging, and is a pleasure to read. Even though I am currently reading with little familiarity, your writing is evocative, and I feel like I can relate.

Anyway, I don't expect a link in return, but if you'd like to visit my url is:

Best wishes,


callipyge said...


Well, it's not just the beer that's horribly expensive in Lebanon. It's everything.
One of the things that make me happy that I left Beirut is that I no longer have to be part of that "living above your means to salvage appearances" game.

Anonymous said...

Monot is quite small, and somehow artificial... I mean it's not a real big party center, plus frankly they could have stopped car circulation during party hours.

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