Saturday, March 19, 2005

Car Bomb in Jdeideh

It was late Friday night, around 12:30 am. (Saturday morning actually)
My parents were asleep and I was browsing the Internet when I heard a strong explosion.
The doors and windows shook so strong. First, I thought it was Israeli airplanes breaking the sound barrier. My mother woke up and we called my brother to make sure he was okay, not knowing the exact source of the sound yet.
We turned on the TV and started zapping between CNN, Euronews and local stations waiting for some news flash.
Meanwhile I was searching the net and asking on chatrooms if anybody knew what happened.
Around 12:40 am, LBC, a local TV station, said there was a car bomb in Jdeideh... We were shocked. Jdeideh is the 1km2 city where I live.

I quickly jumped into my car to try to locate the area.
I asked some people on the streets and they told me where it happened.
I parked my car a bit far so I could easily get out on my way back and avoid traffic jams.

On my way, I saw an old friend who was rushing to the scene. He told me his father's medical clinic was damaged, but all I could see was lots of people and firefighters trucks.
I then saw glass shattered all over, cars deformed by the blast, and the passenger seats of the car which was blown away.

After sneaking-in between two of them, I saw the remains of the car in which the bomb was planted.
I then turned left and I saw the front side of the building completely damaged.

The building in front of which the car bomb exploded

The remains of the car about 20m away from where it exploded

One of the passengers seats of the car that exploded

Cars deformed by the blast around 20m away

The next day: the aftermath

The building in front of which the car was parked

The destroyed infrastructure of the building

The street in which the explosion took place

A destroyed Jaguar from the rental company nearby


A. Scooterdawg said...

Bravo on the original reporting. I shall be returning to read this blog again.


torr said...

Great blogging! Keep publishing pictures. I will also return here :)

Connor said...

Was anybody hurt?

Z Lebanese said...

11 minor injuries were reported.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very interesting!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the information

Anonymous said...

They think, they did something it's just a bomb, come see jdeideh now :) ty

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