Thursday, April 07, 2005

Slap Back to Reality

Dear Lebanon

I went to Dubai last week to visit a friend there.
The image I had of Dubai was a small city built in the desert with a very hot weather.
Well, I guess this was a superficial illusion.
When I got there, I was astonished.
Tall buildings, large malls, wide roads, trees and flowers everywhere...
And the nightlife? My friend took me to pubs and nightclubs which I never thought I could see in an Arab country.
What amazed me was the giant advertisements for several towns being built, some of which are on water.
Life there is easy and organized, which makes it quite impressive for a person who spent all his life in chaotic Lebanon.
On my way back in the airplane, I could see the green mountains of Lebanon.
I had mixed emotions. I was happy to see my homeland and felt sorry for my poor country for what it is and what it could be.
The difference between Lebanon and Dubai?
Dubai is not ruled by a corrupted government like Lebanon.
While I enjoyed a relaxing and fun atmosphere during my trip, it only took a 20 minutes drive home to realize I was back to the land of stress and corruption.

Below are some photos of Beirut I took from the airplane... Enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

I have the same feelings when I come to visit Lebanon...all the things you mentioned. The disorganisation,kaos, and corruption but when I see this view from the airplane my love for this country is overwhelming.
You brought this to mind with your photos.
It is a shame that we cannot have what other countries have namely an uncorrupt government to say the least, but we can still hope that it will happen!!!

Anonymous said...

this is why I like Lebanon ,I adore this country

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