Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Ice Ice Baby!

Dear Lebanon,

It was a tough week for me. After a weekend in the hospital, I came back home with the same high fever which caused me to go there in the first place.
There, I did dozens of blood tests and medical mumbo jumbo in order to diagnose my illness. All tests for dangerous diseases my doctor feared I might have proved to be negative, so he let me go on Monday.
During this period, I was forbidden to take any drug to reduce fever. All I had was that old Ice bag on my head which will remain my best companion until further notice.

What I regret the most was the fact that I wasn’t able to greet the General. I as lots of true and authentic Lebanese was waiting for this day for about 15 years. I had to stick to the TV and cheer his return with the cute nurses who were taking good care of me.
At last, someone we can look up to has come to take over the corrupted situation we have been living in since the end of the civil war. I couldn’t agree more with Aoun’s necessity to investigate all the spending which took place under the name of rebuilding the country.
Now why is the idea encountering so much opposition?
Simply put, all those who participated in ruling oppressively Lebanon since 1990 are involved in stealing except for very few politicians, none of which comes to my mind…
They claim they want to forget the past and have a fresh start… Not happening!

The thing that disgusts me the most is the following:
How come the speaker of the house and him only has the right to call for the general assembly of parliament? And how dare he refuse the will of the Free Lebanese People’s will? Did we switch to a shared dictatorship during the TAEF accord?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ziad,

Great work... keep it up

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