Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to Vote... for JEITA GROTTO !!!

Dear Lebanon

With parliamentary elections fever heating up in Lebanon, it is only fair to say that we desperately need to get our attention on other less stressing issues.
And I just learned about one... Seems JEITA GROTTO (aka Mgharet Jeita in Lebanese) qualified for the next round of elections for the New7Wonders of Nature. I was quite happy given that I participated in the first round of voting like many of you, but wasn't really expecting that we'll make it to the first round.
Let's admit it, we are like 4 million Lebanese in the motherland, and maybe some other 20 million spread all over the world, and that's nothing compared to other countries.... Still... WE MADE IT.
So, let's do it again, and vote in this next round. As of posting this blog entry, we are ranked 7 in our category... not too bad.

Let's build the momentum here, and send emails to our friends, post info on our blogs, facebook, just about anywhere. And most important, tell our non Lebanese friends to vote for JEITA GROTTO as well. If you have more ideas, feel free to comment on the story :)

I will be putting the voting ad on my blog until the vote is over.
You can also click here to go to the voting page.

1- Jeita Grotto on Wikipedia
2- Jeita Grotto on New7Wonders

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Anonymous said...

i am trying to do my best,i even created an event and i am sending messages to all my contacts in how to vote and trying to convince them to vote,but most of them think is something stupid,they do not realize how important this is,people should care more,and in the tv they should remind everyone to vote,i do not see Lebanese people care too much while they should.

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