Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The "Lebanon Today" series (1)

Good morning Lebanon,

Finally, the Lebanese government is about to decide on the parliamentary election law. And I say finally because it took around 3 months for the government to finally decide on adopting the 1960 electoral law. It is a good thing we didn't reinvent the wheel and used instead something already available, but what if we had decided to do so a bit earlier... Nah, where would be the suspense then?

I don't like the way things are going since I have a different approach for selecting decision makers, but what the heck... As long as WE can choose the ones WE want, it is a good start.
More on that in the future...

Tonight is a special night for lots of Lebanese. The local basketball derby between long time rivals Sagesse (7ekmeh) and Riyadeh will take place at 9:45 pm Beirut time.
For those who didn't know, some changes were made before the start of this controversial season. After Sagesse's president quit, Fadi el Khatib along with most key players left the green club. All that remains is the icon Elie Mchentaf.
As for Riyadeh, well, that's another story. They adopted a new strategy. If your team can't win, drop it and buy one that can...The club bought all players and coach from Champville, and kept only few Riyadeh players from last year.

No more comments for today. Hope we'll see a nice game!

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