Monday, February 28, 2005

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Monday February 28, 2005

Since I don't like talking about politics, and since it is hard to write about any other events, I offer you this summary for now:

Two weeks after the tragic events, a parliamentary session was scheduled for that day.
Opposition figures called for a gathering in martyrs' square, aka freedom square.
Government closed the whole central district for "security" reasons.
Although the government was trying to ban this gathering, tens of thousands of people managed to get there by foot, with the help of the army and security forces who were tipping them on how to get through.
Opposition deputies accused the government of being unable to manage the country.
At 6:30pm, the current prime minister resigned.
Later that night, people were driving around Lebanon chanting for what they achieved.

UPDATE: For an insider's view and some photos, check out Mr. Roy Saad's blog by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Please continue posing. There are many people out here who would love to here what is happening. Historic occasions are exciting. Please do not let the political aspect obscure the vision.

Do you have any news of Tripoli?

Anonymous said...
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Z Lebanese said...

Dear Lebanon,

Another comment was deleted today because of its political nature.
However, since I believe in the freedom of speech, I will post all deleted comments on a different page.

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