Thursday, June 16, 2005

HEAT - The Lebanese Elections

Dear Lebanon

For about 2 months now, the only topic discussed in Lebanon is the parliamentary elections.
It is the first time elections take place after the end of the Syrian occupation.
After the first two rounds of elections (Beirut & the South), in which the result was known way before elections' day, last Sunday witnessed round 3.
The Mount Lebanon and Bekaa parliamentary elections witnessed a fierce electoral battle.
The Lebanese people had the chance to choose between 2 major forces.
And what a choice they made... They chose to change, they chose to express their disgust from the traditional lawmakers.
The losers expressed their worries that the country was heading back to war following the Free Patriotic Movement's win, as if they expected the Lebanese people were in the mood or even ready for another civil war.
With the rise of a new and strong leader, the political scene witnessed a severe reshuffling of cards.
We might be witnessing for the first time in modern Lebanon the switch from sectarian divide to political agenda partisanship.
Next Sunday, the final round of the elections will take place in the North and will be decisive as to who will control the next parliament: The Master of Mukhtara or The Against-All-Odds General.

PS: For those wondering, I voted ORANGE.

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