Monday, July 04, 2005

Hot Dark Lebanese Summer

So the elections are over, a new government is about to be formed, and life goes on in Lebanon.
It is getting hotter every day of this summer, being the weather or the parties on weekend nights and sunny Sunday beaches.

Wanting to increase the excitement in our lives, EDL (the local electric power authority in Lebanon) is managing to increase its power shortages just when we need it the most.
Suddenly, coming back late from a weekend party is an adventure in Lebanon.
Since backup generators are forbidden after 1:00 am , my only source of light was my cell phone's screen. I had to make it to my apartment located luckily on the 2nd floor by using the stairs without tripping. Good thing I was sober that night.
If you think that was easy, (guys) try using the bathroom in total darkness.

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