Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Leb and Back

Dear Lebanon

So I came to spend my summer vacation in the motherland... But what a vacation it turned out to be. Although I was supposed to leave before the start of the war, I preferred to spend a few more days in the sun...

Following a small hesitation between hitting the job market or doing some research, I finally chose the latter. I joined INSEAD, an international business school in France to work on humanitarian logistics. I took the plane through Jordan and arrived to Paris in the early hours of the 4th of September.

Now, I am writing from this post, thinking of my new project: Humanitarian Operations in Lebanon. Back to work now...

Hasta luego Lebanon

Z Lebanese


Anonymous said...

Come on Ziad, you can update your blog more than once every two months :)

Anonymous said...

love ur blog! makes me eager to read more. keep writing.

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