Monday, January 17, 2005

The Lebanese Code: Facts and Figures

Dear Lebanon

I think it is time to summarize the blog's situation so far.
  • With about 30 posts written during a month period, I managed to get about 300 readers daily.
  • A bank who closed my account threatened to sue me.
  • I proposed we create : A consumer rights organization, a restaurant rating website, and an About Lebanon section on the blog.
  • We got a review from Mr. Connor Coyne, an American blogger who reviews blogs. The Lebanese Code was one of the 4 blogs out of 100 which he recommended for reading.
While I liked all of your comments, I consider this one important because it is from a foreigner who knows little about Lebanon. Here is what he had to say:

My name is Connor Coyne and I was referred to your blog through Globe of Blogs.
I'm intrigued by your stories of life in Lebanon, and am going to link to you. I have a limited understanding of your country and culture, but am excited to learn more. You relate anecdotes in a way that is poignant, engaging, and is a pleasure to read. Even though I am currently reading with little familiarity, your writing is evocative, and I feel like I can relate.

Although I am not writing lately, I can assure you that I will work harder in order to continue what I started with this blog.
Between my work and applying to graduate schools, I have too much on my mind.
I'll keep on posting weekly until the daily inspiration comes back in the near future.

To see Mr Connor Coyne's Blog, go to

Thank You

Z Lebanese


Connor said...

Thanks for the link, though I think you do me too much credit. You get more visitors by a factor of 6. ;)

But I'm happy to have this contact, and am excited to follow your work.



Anonymous said...

hey dude waynak?
u have not posted for a while...
ur post is fun to get back workin on it!

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