Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bang Bang

Friday night, I am waiting for my friends to pick me up and head towards Monot , the heart of the Lebanese nightlife.
Next thing I know, I get a phone call telling me about an explosion in the Monot area.
In order to make sure this was the case, I did the bomb check test we usually do in Lebanon.
I tried to make a call on my mobile, and I got the "Network Problem" error.
The test proved positive.
This time however, I felt like nothing serious had happened. After so many car bombs, we kinda got used to it, and life goes on. Instead of staying home, we just decided to go towards Jounieh where we could hang out at Crepaway or Schtroumpf.
It is funny, but looks like we got to a point where hiding or staying home isn't an option anymore.
Whether you are at home or on the road, you don't know where the next bomb is gonna blow.
Either we convince ourselves that staying home is safer and wait for the disaster to knock on our doors, or we just continue our lives and believe that our hour will come when God decides it is time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Just wanted to let u know I SOooooooooooo concur with your opinion about Lebanon.
I visit Lebanon every year and everysingle time there is something that throws me off about wanting to ever move back. Well keep up the nice columns u write. Wish I could say "hope things get better".... well lets hope

Best regards,

Gilbert El-Asmar

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