Tuesday, December 21, 2004

All it takes is patience!

As usual, whenever it starts raining, drivers in Lebanon get freaky. Instead of getting home in 10 minutes, it took me about an hour yesterday.
As soon as I got out of my company's parking in the Industrial City of Bauchrieh, I noticed that the main road was going to take more time than the usual.
I decided to take a shortcut, going in the opposite direction towards Dekwaneh where the road to Jdeideh is usually less crowded. Unfortunately, an accident took place on one of the crossroads. Result: more traffic jam. Had the driver let the other one pass, it would all had gone smoothly.

But everybody is in such a hurry that we all end up stuck on crossroads. As if this wasn't enough, some smart drivers decide to use the opposite traffic lane thinking they can just bypass the long line of cars. They end up blocking circulation on both ways and adding to our agony.
The chain reaction goes like this: Rain, flooded roads, nervous drivers, accidents, traffic jams.

We have the privilege to be part of this event whenever it rains...
Dear Lebanon, I have an advice for you: BE PATIENT!
Keep crossroads open whenever you can.
We are all in a hurry, so don't think that you have the right to bypass the long line of cars because you believe you are the only smart ass who can do it.
The other drivers are not your enemies, we are your brothers in misery.

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Anonymous said...

i know this is a late comment. im not sure that ur still checking in..
but i just had to say: AMEN ..
am still a teen so i dont drive, but i see all that crap that happens on the streets of lebanon.
its like living in a farm .. jeeezz
i like ur posts ;)

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