Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Technical Support

Dear Lebanon,

I had a problem with the "alfa" GSM services provider (previously known as "Cellis") yesterday.
Unfortunately, My problem could not be solved directly. It all started last Thursday and they still can't figure out the problem. I'm not angry because of the time it is taking since I learned to be patient when dealing with Lebanese people even if they work for foreign companies.
The real issue is the number of people I have to explain my problem to before I can reach the specialized person who will eventually call me back... And they rarely do... So I have to call back again and go through the same shit.

As if this wasn't enough to add more stress on a usually cool person like me, each time they put me on hold, I have to listen to their stupid music which keeps on repeating itself every 10 seconds. I dare you to listen to this music for more than one minute. It will drive you nuts... I ended up calling the "alfa" salesperson and telling her to have technical support call me without putting me on hold anymore. She could tell by the tone of my voice that I was very pissed off.

Maybe it is their strategy to reduce the numbers of technical support seekers during peak hours... Or maybe someone really stupid actually loves this music.
The US army uses music from "Metallica" to tease prisoners in order to retrieve the information they want... They probably haven't heard the more effective "alfa" jingle yet...

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