Friday, December 17, 2004

Lebanon's Phoenician Theme Park

The poll is over, you voted for Fadi Raidi to be our next president. You have got to give this guy some credit... He actually played the role of a government official as known as "7adret el Mas2oul". I always remember when he said, concerning holes in the roads, that millions are invested in parks like "Disneyland" to create attractive and thrilling rides, while in Lebanon we have them all for free.

Speaking of which, Lebanon has now a new Phoenician theme park called "HabtoorLand". It is located in the Jamhour area, and it is having a soft opening in few days. I personally went there during the construction period, and I found it very interesting. Not to compare with big internationally known parks, but quite impressive for Lebanon. They have a nice website by the way where you can learn about the rides and get more information.

I will be back on Monday.
Until then, have a nice weekend Lebanon!!!

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