Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hello, My PC has blown

Working in IT, I have to support the whole network infrastructure. Believe me when I say that most of the time, it is due to stupid mistakes that these machines stop working. Here is a sample of today's call:

Employee: hello
Ziad (me, the tech support): hi
Employee: My PC has blown
Ziad: what?
Employee: My PC has blown today
Ziad: what do you mean by blown ?
Employee: It is not working anymore, you have to fix it
Ziad: Can you turn it on ?
Employee: yes, you have to log in yourself remotely and fix it.
Ziad: So what has blown ?
Employee: The program
Ziad: You mean the program stopped working?
Employee: Yes
Ziad: The stock program ?
Employee: yes
Ziad: nothing has blown ?
Employee: no
Ziad: when was the last time you used it ?
Employee: today in the morning
Ziad: did you do anything to the PC ?
Employee: I was cleaning around it and it suddenly restarted.
Ziad: So the system went off...
Employee: yes
Ziad: ?!@#?!@^&?#$#$!!!... pffffffff...I will re-send the corrupted database by phone. Thank you for wasting my time... and YOURS.

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