Friday, December 10, 2004

The Lebanese President

Dear Lebanon, I believe it is time for us to choose our own president. That is why I decided to nominate 5 candidates chosen based on their popularity. In order to vote, you will have to choose your candidate and click on "Vote Now!" in the lower right of the site. It will stay there till next week...

So who are the 5 candidates ?

1- Mario Bassil: famous for his plays with "Marc Kodeih", the tall guy is the best when it comes to saying "YO MAN!!!"

2- Claude Khalil: famous for his appearances on the "Basmet Watan" show, he played police officer "Sayyed Tamem" who says "Ya Mama" and "Stop Stop Stop" and the character of "Mwaffak" who says "Ya wayliii"...

3- Fadi Raidi: famous for his appearances in "S.L.CHI", he played "Youssef 2lay2il" who says "rimone dewikh el 3elam", Fadia el Cherre2a and Jean-Luc...

4- Naim Haleweh: famous for his appearances in "S.L.CHI", he played "Amin 3a Min" who sang "oum bous therese", and played also the "eh eh eh la2" guy.

5- Georges Khebbaz: famous for his appearances in "ta3li2 si Assi", he played "ani Kessim" and "ach biddak Ba3mel"

Lebanon, it is up to you now to choose your next president... Make us proud!!!

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theres no VOTE BUTTOn!!..

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