Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Lebanese Diaspora

Dear Lebanon

After starting my blog, I started to receive comments from Lebanese people living abroad. Some of them spent most of their lives in foreign countries; others went there only few years ago. I also noticed that most of my university colleagues are now working abroad. While some people find it sad, I believe this is Lebanon's fate. A small country with a lot of brave people.

I don't want to discuss this topic in details now, I just want to inform you about a great website created by Lebanese people. It is called the Lebanese White Pages and its web address is

It is a non-profit website whose only goal is to help Lebanese people in Lebanon and all over the world locate their friends.
Registration is free and they will never sell your details to advertisers. So go ahead and register now... Although the registration process is slow, I believe this site is an opportunity for helping the Lebanese immigrants locate their roots in our beloved country, and for us to locate old friends.

Also note that on Sunday night, around 19:30pm GMT or 21:30pm Beirut Time, CNN's Design 360 will be focusing on Beirut's architecture. In their preview, it appears they will feature the Beirut Central District also known as Centre-Ville and Downtown.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why the current Lebanese government doesn't strongly stand behind our Phoenician heritage. Here is an example from a script in website of the Lebanese embassy in USA:

" At different periods of its history, Lebanon has come under the domination of foreign rulers, including Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans. "

They forgot to include the Arabs from the list of foreign rulers. At the time of the Romans and thereafter there were still the Phoenician people living in LBNA (Phoenician's name for Lebanon) and they didn't disappear and they still living today not only in Lebanon but millions of them in the Diaspora. We are proud of our 7000 years history and our blood and DNA are from the ancient Phoenicians. The Phoenicians survived all the foreign rulers.

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