Thursday, December 09, 2004

Military Service

Every now and then, we got used to hear rumors about abolishing the military service in Lebanon. I recall people telling me not to do it back in 2001 because it was a matter of months before they stop it.
Actually, it was the last thing on my mind... Until I faced the truth. Nobody would hire me unless I finished my military obligations.
So I went there, did the training in "Worwar" and served in the ministry of defense as an adjutant. The worse thing for me was sleeping every ten days, but I managed to survive... (by sneaking out most of the times).
Overall, it was fun... Some "wasta" would help when it comes to being dispatched after training.
The only problem I had was that my life was put on hold for one whole year. I studied for a Microsoft certification and took some Spanish courses so I wouldn't feel useless during this period.

The thing is, since the new government took control of the country, the rumor is getting closer to reality. Looks like it is going to be 6 months instead of 12 from now on. How will they do it? Still a mystery. I was actually wondering, what will happen and how they will implement it?
Let's say a guy has already served 7 of the 12 months, and the law comes into vigor. Will he be sent home? Will he continue to serve the full 12? Still unclear.

I am not a selfish person, but I have the right to ask the following: Will the guys from my generation who where called for duty with me and who kept on postponing it be freed from this burden?
Shouldn't it be like all those whose generation hasn't been called yet be the ones who benefit, while the others serve the same as I did?
Guess it's a lost cause anyway.

To sum it up, here are some thoughts!
To all those girls who appear on TV and say that this duty is necessary, just SHUT UP!!!
To all those "only child" males who say this duty is necessary and they wish they could do it, SHUT UP!!!
And to all those advocates of the necessity for meeting people of different religions, Earth is calling you so WAKE UP!!!

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